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Can I turn off my computer with the power button?

It is not recommended that you shut down your computer with the power button, unless your computer is not responding. Using your computer’s “shut down” function from its main menu will take the computer through all of the necessary steps so that it shuts down securely.

My free storage space is very low

Logs: check in the folder \KodSuite\Log. If there is too much data stored there, manage the module’s log purge activation and settings in the application configuration tool (KodManager\System tools)

Historical trends: check in the folder \KodSuite\Trends. If there is too much data there, refer to the “Purge history” section in your KOD Viewer user manual.

Backups: check in the folder \KodSuite\_Backup. If there is too much data stored there, manage the module’s backup purge activation and settings in the application configuration tool (KodManager\System tools). Depending on the project, you may have to ask your IT department to check the configuration of SQL Server maintenance tools.

Operating system: use Windows cleanup tools. If there are a lot of temporary files, make sure that the computer has been properly shut down (no abrupt shutoffs).

The monitoring station will not start back up
  • Check that the station and screen are receiving power.
  • Disconnect peripherals, unplug the computer and plug it back in, then try to start it back up.
  • If you have a backup solution, activate it by following the user manual (KodSuite\General guide).
  • Otherwise, contact KODIRIS support.
Connexion et Réseau
The monitoring system is no longer communicating with the robote
  • Open the KOD Manager and KOD Viewer diagnostics windows and read the notes and suggestions.
  • To test communication with the robot, send a ping to the IP address.
  • Check that the communication driver still has an active licence and that its services are activated.
  • Check that the robot is powered and running (check the status indicators).
  • Check the status of cables and switches between the robot and the computer.
  • Try to restart the computer (take note of any error messages).
Suite logicielle KODIRIS
The file structure has disappeared from the operator profile

There is a button to hide the file structure, which someone probably clicked on.

Go to KODManager\Miscellaneous\Display mode (the display configuration is saved for each user).

You can create a profile for each user so that each one keeps their display preferences.

You have the option of connecting a badge reader, with numerous advantages (tracking of operations, easy login, operator sense of responsibility).

I can’t find my formula (or ingredient) file

Use the search tool in the main folder to check if it was moved by accident.

Open the Deleted folder to make sure that it wasn’t accidentally deleted.

An administrator can restore the database from the last automatic backup.

A user with permission may also restore the latest version used from the Tracking module.

Assistance/troubleshooting via remote maintenance

Generally speaking, 95% of your IT problems can be solved remotely!

The KODIRIS hotline is here to help you and will quickly respond to any IT assistance request you may have.

After identifying your issue, a technician will provide the solution by guiding you over the phone or will intervene directly using remote maintenance by securely taking control of the computer remotely.

If you have purchased an assistance contract, you will receive priority and one free hour (per assistance request) of pre-analysis and fixing.

After that free hour, you will be billed for the time spent on a pre-agreed hourly basis.

On-site assistance/troubleshooting

KODIRIS provides occasional service by request.

You will be billed for the time spent on a pre-agreed hourly basis.

What are the hours for remote and on-site service?

We perform remote (over the internet) and on-site service Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.!

Outside of these hours, depending on the urgency, service will be evaluated and may, on an exceptional basis, be scheduled over the weekend.

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