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Whether you’re a microenterprise, an SME, or a large industrial corporation, KODIRIS is here to support you in carrying out your digital transformation and continuity projects.

Industrial projects


(Manufacturing Execution System)
An MES is production control software that collects production date in real time thanks to tracing analysis, quality control, production monitoring, and scheduling. An MES solution aims to improve your manufacturing processes and boost performance while optimising your production costs. KODIRIS will support you through our digital transformation by offering you solutions that fit your needs.


Human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications are custom industrial solutions developed with different standard business software available on the market. They assist with supervision and maintenance of your automated machinery. KODIRIS offers you a library of standard objects, enabling fast and reliable implementation. You use your own standard and we adapt to it.

Dashboard (tracking)

Tracking is essential for improving all production processes. Proper management of data collected in real time enables us to guarantee precise tracking of processes, product history, and consumption of materials. KODIRIS offers you multiple options, including cloud or local solutions, so that you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Special development

If you’re looking for a solution for a specific need, KODIRIS can develop your software for you.

Special machine

Using tested programs as a basis, we will develop software adapted to your machine.

Supervision using free software

Implementation of supervision developed using standard object-oriented programming languages.
KODIRIS will develop your HMI/SCADA programs without any extra fees tied to runtime licences for pre-made business software.

RFID or scanner project

KODIRIS will be your partner as you carry out the deployment of RFID or scanning technologies within your company. We have successful experiences in this area, enabling us to offer your innovative solutions.



By auditing installed software, we can prepare a reliable, exhaustive report of all of your software and hardware resources. After conducting an audit, KODIRIS will advise you as you carry out any replacement of old or obsolete technology with modern and long-lasting solutions.


Training of employees: operators, supervisors, and administrators.


Both preventive and corrective
KODIRIS will help get you back online as quickly as possible, giving you real peace of mind. For a rapid response, we have three possible solutions, depending on the case: Remote maintenance, on-site service, and over-the-phone assistance.

Annual assistance contract
KODIRIS offers you special, personalised assistance: management of assistance tickets, one free hour of pre-analysis and fixes, etc. Contact us to learn more!


A single point of contact. If you want, we will handle for you all of the development steps in automation through on-site production start-up. Our network of partners allows us to optimise our development projects and reduce costs to offer you a customised service that meets your needs.
Project management
Contractor management
Partner alliance

Our development tools

According to your site and specifications, we will offer solutions based on business software and robots available on the market, which we will use to develop your solution.
Business software
Learn more about KODSuite
KODIRIS offers a suite of nine generic, economical applications and modules for all industrial business lines, enabling the management of industrial processes and supervision of automated machinery.
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