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A human-scale company that prioritises partnerships and service quality to successfully carry out your Industry 4.0 projects for industrial software and digital transformation

a little history

KODIRIS is a software engineering and services company that was created because its two founders wanted to offer up their expertise and skills to others: Olivier Allain has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience creating software dedicated to SMEs, while David Brion has over 20 years of experience with software project management for large multinational corporations.

The history of KODIRIS started with a chance encounter. One between two entrepreneurs who were passionate about new technologies and supporting companies through innovation, and who started their careers at the same family-owned company. It wasn’t until years later, after following different paths and gaining valuable experience, that they decided to team up. They founded KODIRIS in 2019 in Ancenis-Saint-Géréon, a town in western France between the cities of Nantes and Angers.

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Complementary experience to support your projects

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Complementary experience to support your projects
Co-Managing Director - Industrial data software expert
Head of the Projects Department
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Olivier ALLAIN
Co-Managing Director - Industrial data software expert
Head of the Software Publishing Department
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Our vision for client and provider relationships is based on mutual trust. Our company is positioned as a partner committed to the success of your projects. Collaborating with every department of your company—users, the quality department, the IT department, senior management, and more—enables us to deploy solutions that perfectly match your expectations for the industry of the future.
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